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Duma Arson Attack Condemned, Considered Act of Terrorism

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July 31, 2015

Duma Arson Attack Condemned, Considered Act of Terrorism: President Rivlin states, “We awoke this morning to a day of…

JCPA focused on ultimate goal: Iran must not have nuclear weapons

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs released the following statement this morning regarding President Obama’s announcement of a new agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China, Russia (P5 + 1) and Iran on Iran’s nuclear program:

The threat of Iran o…

AIPAC Statement on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

AIPAC has consistently supported diplomatic efforts to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and we appreciate the commitment and dedication of President Obama and his administration throughout these negotiations. Unfortunately, this proposed agreement fails to halt Iran’s nuclear quest. I…

Statement on Iran Nuclear Agreement

Charleston Jewish Federation and Jewish Community Relations Council's Statement on Iran


Jewish Federations can be found in nearly every city in North America, and our leaders are among the most committed philanthropists in their communities. In just three generations, Jewish Federations…

Statement on remarks made by the Israeli Religious Service Minister

July 8, 2015, Charleston, SC - JCRC-GC Consensus Statement on inflammatory remarks made by David Azoulay, Israeli Religious Service Minister

A member of the Knesset of Israel, David Azoulay who serves as Israeli Religious Services Minister has twice made remarks that gravely upset the fe…