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#LivingIt: JDC Update: Protective Edge Day 22

As the tragic news from yesterday sinks in and all of Israel prays that no more of our boys will be lost, JFNA support is ensuring that JDC can continue to provide those most isolated  and those hardest hit with a clear message that we will get through this together. Below is a selection of…

#LivingIt: Operation Protective Edge 24th July - Day 17

Operation Protective Edge 24th July - Day 17

In the past 24 hours 39 rockets (and counting) were shot towards the south and center of Israel, killing Kitiyangkol Narakorn, a worker in a farm by the border, and hitting neighborhoods and industrial areas. 

5 more terror-tunnels were reveale…

#LivingIt: Shimrit Biton - Youth Futures

Youth Futures Mentors Providing Care 24/7 - Under Fire


Not long ago, Shimrit Biton was in her home in Sderot when the air raid sirens went off, twice in close succession. They huddled in the “safe” room in the middle of the house. The second time, she and her family could…

#LivingIt: JDC Update: Operation Protective Edge Day 16:

JDC Update:  Operation Protective Edge Day 16:

  •  Today JDC is hosting the JFNA Solidarity mission in the south, visiting the Center for Independent Living for people with disabilities in Beersheva, joining the distribution of meals in Merhavim where elderly receive a daily hot meal thank…