Women's Philanthropy

Women's Philanthropy engages Jewish women from diverse backgrounds in the fulfilling work of the Charleston Jewish Federation. From helping vulnerable populations locally through the Kosher Food Pantry and Charleston Jewish Family Services, to providing the resources to Jewish communities around the world, we know that together, our dollars and impact go further. 


Guided by the values of tzedakah and tikkun olam, we build and strengthen Jewish life today for generations to come. We are sisters and daughters, mothers and friends; committed women at every stage of life and career who want to make the world a better place.


  • Lion of Judah

    Lions of Judah play a vital role in creating social justice, aiding the vulnerable, preserving human dignity, and building Jewish identity. A Lion of Judah commits $5,000 or more annually to the campaign in her name.

  • Pomegranate Society

    The Pomegranate Society is a symbol of a woman’s commitment to acts of righteousness and loving kindness. A member of the Pomegranate Society commits $1,800 or more annually to the campaign in her name.

For more information about becoming part of the Lions of Judah or the Pomegranate Society, contact Rebecca Engel, Chief Development Officer at rebeccal@jewishcharleston.org or (843) 614-6484.