Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is a symbol of today’s Jewish woman’s strength, her commitment to the organized Jewish world, and her financial contribution of at least $5,000 to the Annual Campaign. Dozens of women in greater Charleston join more than 17,500 women world-wide as Lions of Judah.

The Lions of Judah are the most dynamic philanthropic Jewish women in the world. Representing all ages and backgrounds, Lions are an international sisterhood of global activists who care deeply about the Jewish future.


Lions play a vital role in creating social justice, aiding the vulnerable, preserving human dignity and building Jewish identity. This sisterhood sets an exemplary standard of leadership and giving.


The Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) is a key part of the Lion of Judah program. Learn more about creating a LOJE to honor commitment to Jewish life in perpetuity. 

Gift to the Annual Campaign

Each Lion of Judah commits to a leadership gift of $5,000 or more in her own name to the Annual Campaign.

Lions around the world

As a Lion of Judah, you join a sisterhood of 17,500 philanthropic women worldwide.

Women Who Have Created a LOJE

By creating a Lion of Judah Endowment, you ensure that your legacy as a Lion will live on long after your lifetime.

Learn more about LOJE

Many families teach the values of philanthropy and generosity through Dor L'dor, generation to generation. Elinor Cohen, Kim Dye, and Tiffany and Marissa Dye represent three generations of Lions.

Giving Levels


Lion of Judah – $5,000
Ruby Lion of Judah – $10,000
Sapphire Lion of Judah – $18,000
Emerald Lion of Judah – $25,000
Double Chai Lion of Judah – Amethyst Diamond – $36,000
Zahav Lion of Judah – Canary Diamond – $50,000
Sabra Lion of Judah – Cognac Diamond – $75,000
PMC Lion of Judah – White Gold with Black Diamond – $100,000
ILR Lion of Judah – White Gold Diamond Pave – $250,000

Take the Anita Zucker Lion of Judah Challenge!

Anita Zucker, CEO and Board Chair of the InterTech Group, Business Leader, and Philanthropist put into place a three-year challenge for the women in our community to encourage them to make leadership gifts and become a Lions of Judah. Since 2010, Anita’s Challenge has inspired dozens of women to make this commitment. Making a leadership gift at the Lion of Judah level makes a huge impact for our Jewish community locally, in Israel, and around the world. 


Year 1

In the first year, you contribute $2,500 and Anita will match the gift with $2,500, which will make you a Lion.

Year 2

The second year, you contribute $4,000 and Anita will match the gift with $1,000, again making you a Lion.

Year 3

The third year, you contribute the full $5,000 gift which is a leadership gift of a Lion of Judah.

"The first time I saw someone wearing a Lion of Judah pin, I thought it was pretty but I hadn’t a clue what it meant… It took me a while, but I realized that the pin was a symbol of some deeper value … that the women who wore these pins felt strongly and passionately about this symbol and about those values…

It is so striking to see women proudly wear this symbol of the Lion of Judah, a representation of the values that you believe in and act upon daily…

When you wear the symbol of Judah, a lion, you have stepped forward. You have taken responsibility for your brothers and sisters – other Jews around the world. You have offered to give of yourselves in order to save your brothers and sisters near and far and your actions reunite our Jewish family from the four corners of the earth. Thus, you are role models for the responsibility of one Jew to another. You are Judah, and you rightly wear his symbol..." 


- Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand