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Support Shai as he overcomes the limitations of epilesy and raises funds to support the work of the Charleston Jewish Federation!


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Dear Charleston,


The past year was one of the best years of my life. Your amazing community warmly welcomed me from the moment I stepped off the plane, making me feel as if I truly belonged in Charleston. This year, I’ve worked with many organizations- from schools to synagogues to colleges and even churches!

Before I came here, I didn’t really understand the importance of having strong Jewish communities abroad or the full importance of the emissaries program. After spending this year in Charleston, I can say that I feel like this community needed it as much as I did, and as an Israeli who’s going back home (sadly), I also have so much to share from what I’ve experienced here with my friends in Israel.


The need to strengthen the relationship between you and Israel is important to the continuing lives of every Jew around the world. It is important you all know and remember that there is a country where you will be unconditionally welcomed, accepted, and not a part of a small minority.


This year showed me how important the work of Federation is. We help so many people, Jews and others, the local community, the American people, and even the rest of the world (and of course, Israel). That’s why I’ve decided to do whatever I can with the time that I have left before leaving Charleston on August 11th, to help Federation and explain people its importance to our community.


On July 7th, I’ll be celebrating my 27th birthday, and in honor of that occasion, I’ve decided to do my first triathlon, here in Charleston, to raise money for Charleston Jewish Federation, the organization that I’m so proud to be a part of. I hope that you’ll consider supporting this important organization in sustaining Jewish life for our future generations, both here and around the globe.


Sincerely yours,
Shai Bibas
Charleston’s first Israel emissary 2018-2019