30 2020

#TogetherWeRemember 24 Hour Global Vigil

9:00PM - 10:00PM  

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The Charleston Jewish Federation is honored to be a part of the 24-hour global vigil representing South Carolina at 9:00 pm along with our partners at the Anne Frank Project- University of South Carolina. Please join us for a powerful hour that consists of hearing from Doyle Stevick (University of South Carolina), Rabbi Dr. Muller, Devin Randolph, Holocaust Survivor Hershel Greenblat, Samantha Krantz, Emillie Crossan (College of Charleston student), and others. There will also be performances consisting of the Anne Frank Center USA performing excerpts of the play Anne and Martin linking together their famous writings and an performance from actor Roger Guenveur Smith.

Please join us via Facebook Live tomorrow at 9:00 PM: https://m.facebook.com/TogetherWeRemember/

Event details:

On April 30th, join us for an unprecedented 24-hour global vigil online to conclude Genocide Awareness Month and unite the fight against hate worldwide. With hate on the rise and a global pandemic keeping us apart, it’s essential that we come together virtually across lines of difference. The #TogetherWeRemember Coalition, made up of leading genocide education and human rights organizations, invites you to join us for twenty-four hours of inclusive name-readings, insightful speakers, and inspiring performances that honor the victims of and upstanders to identity-based violence and genocide throughout history. Join us as we remember humanity at its worst to demonstrate what humanity can be at its best.

This global vigil is the culminating event of the #TogetherWeRemember Campaign - thirty days of virtual events organized by museums, schools, and communities to bridge the gap between awareness and action in the fight against hate. On April 30th, we intend to demonstrate the diversity and depth of work being done by incredible organizations around the world to make “never again” a reality - once and for all. Together We Remember

REGISTER: bit.ly/TWRglobal-vigil