23 2020

The Bible's Books of Dissent with Dr. Michael S. Kogan

7:30PM - 8:45PM  

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Dr. Kogan will lead us through the books of Job, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes. Click here for a fuller description of each book. Dr. Kogan adds: "I have been teaching courses at Synagogue Emanu-El for 30 years, but I don't believe I have ever taught these three books. ... Like the current plague, which shuts our bodies in our homes, this course, which frees our minds to roam abroad, has no date of completion. It will continue as long as it takes us to to cover these three books." Attendees should have a copy of the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), preferably the New Jewish Publication Society translation. If you don't have one in your home and cannot purchase a copy, please contact Rabbi Rosenbaum (rabbirosenbaum@emanu-el.com) to receive a scanned copy of each book and to get the Zoom call information.