15 2020

Intro to Israel Zoom Course with Master Educator & Tour Guide, Uri Feinberg

12:00PM - 1:00PM  


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The State of Israel is a vibrant, pulsating, historic, energetic, challenging and challenged heart of the Jewish People. Did we mention layered, complex and beautiful? Join us for a journey through the history of the young State. While we recognize that starting at THE beginning may necessitate a few extra sessions, we will begin our journey with the early days of Zionism. Creating a foundation of knowledge that will take us through the turn of the century, and the British mandate period, we will be better equipped to experience the founding of the State, together. As we traverse that Mt. Sinai-esque moment in 1948, we will continue through the earlier and more recent decades of the State of Israel, engaging with the momentous occasions, the prideful peaks and precarious pitfalls that accompany a living and breathing entity, such as the Jewish State. As we conclude and look to the future, we will have had an opportunity to strengthen what we already know about Israel, add information that wasn’t previously there, and regardless of our opinions about Israel, be able to ask ourselves (and maybe even answer), how does all this relate to us and why do we care?  For the link, office@kkbe.org