Corporate Sponsors

The Charleston Jewish Federation and its corporate sponsors are making a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of people in our community – people who are your clients and customers. 

For questions or to become a corporate sponsor,

contact Rebecca Engel


As a corporate sponsor of the Charleston Jewish Federation, your business will be recognized for its support, commitment, and investment in securing, building and maintaining a strong and vibrant Jewish community. In addition, it will provide your company with direct exposure to the community. 


CJF supporters are people who want to do business with companies that care about the causes they believe in, which means that your business will be rewarded with an expanded customer base and the satisfaction of helping more people than you can imagine.


Your partnership as a corporate sponsor enables us to:


  • Encourage young professional leadership development;

  • Ensure an elderly couple can remain, supported, in their home;

  • Supply lifesaving humanitarian relief to places around the world devastated by natural disasters; 

  • Educate the entire community about the Holocaust and stand against hate, prejudice, discrimination and anti-Semitism, through the REMEMBER Program; 

  • Foster learning and Jewish identity our PJ Library book subscriptions. 


Through your corporate sponsorship, you improve thousands of lives every day.

Thank You to our Corporate Sponsors