The Holocaust was the catastrophic murder of eleven million human beings between 1938 and 1945. Six million of those victims were Jewish. Five million others were persecuted for their religious beliefs, political views, sexual orientation, or physical and mental disabilities. Our pledge is that none of these victims be forgotten. Our lesson is that so long as any are persecuted, no one is free. 


The Mission of the REMEMBER Program for Holocaust and Genocide Awareness is to:


  • Educate about the horrors of the Holocaust

  • Promote the concept of mutual respect for all peoples

  • Create goodwill and build community amongst all ethnicities in Charleston

  • Inspire people to take a stand for what is right


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Learn More About the Holocaust Survivors Who Made Their Way to Charleston

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  • Support Holocaust Education in Charleston

    The REMEMBER Program is made possible by grants, donations, and the support of those who wish to perpetuate the memory of those lost in the Holocaust. Please help us to continue the incredible work that we do by making a donation today.

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