Statement on remarks made by the Israeli Religious Service Minister

July 8, 2015, Charleston, SCJCRC-GC Consensus Statement on inflammatory remarks made by David Azoulay, Israeli Religious Service Minister

A member of the Knesset of Israel, David Azoulay who serves as Israeli Religious Services Minister has twice made remarks that gravely upset the feelings of millions of Jews around the world. This type of rhetoric is divisive and negatively impacts the relationship of the worldwide Jewish community with the State of Israel. We're pleased that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly condemned these remarks as did major Jewish organizations including the Rabbinical Council of America which is the largest association of Orthodox rabbis. They wrote in a policy statement, ".... There is no question, however, that we certainly embrace all members of the Jewish community. This is clearly the undisputed position of Jewish law. In addition, our late teacher Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik spoke of a covenant of peoplehood that is defined by our shared history and common fate that binds together all Jews as one people. The ties that bind us to all other Jews are strong and eternal."


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