JCRC-GC Consensus Statement on the BDS movement

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Charleston (JCRC-GC) finds that the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel to be a counter productive attempt to manipulate the Israel – Palestinian peace process. This movement that was founded in 2005 and coordinated by the BDS National Committee calls on “international civil society organizations and people of conscience” to isolate Israel thereby forcing the peace process to advance. The JCRC-GC believes that peace will only come about when both sides negotiate a settlement.

The JCRC-GC strongly objects to the BDS Movement because it has no valid reason to exist except to try and punish Israel because of its alleged mistreatment of Palestinians. It is an undeniable truth that Arab countries including Jordan attacked Israel in 1967. Several times Israel has tried to give territory to the Palestinians in return for their acceptance of the right of Israel to exist and a cessation of terrorism against Israeli citizens.

The BDS Movement gives a false sense of hope to the ordinary Palestinian. A belief that Israel can be brought to its knees by the success of BDS Movement only supports the Palestinian position that they can wait until the BDS Movement succeeds before working towards a true and lasting negotiated peace.

The BDS Movement is self-destructive because the advances in medicine, technology and science by Israeli companies benefit so many more people than just Israeli’s.

The BDS Movement’s only real objective is to destroy Israel and not advance peace initiates.


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