JCRC-GC Consensus Statement on Iran

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Charleston (JCRC-GC) finds the prospect of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons an existential threat to not only the State of Israel but to all of the Middle East, Europe and the continental United States. Member states of the European Union, Japan, Republic of Korea, Canada, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and other countries have placed restrictive sanctions on Iran. These have been designed to block the transfer of weapons and block economic expansion of a weapons program with the goal of prohibiting Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to diplomatically force Iran to work with the world community for nonproliferation. Since 1979 the United States has imposed sanctions on Iran. The 1996 Iran Sanctions Act authorizes sanctions on business and individuals who conduct business with Iran.

Since January 23, 1984, Iran has been designated by the Secretary of State as a “state sponsor of terrorism’. The US Department of State and the US Department of Treasury imposed stringent sanctions because of the nuclear program and Iran’s sponsorship of international terrorism. Imports, exports, financial transactions, travel and other dealings with Iran have been severely restricted. Iran’s crude oil exports have fallen over 50% and the economy has been seriously impacted.

The JCRC-GC urges the President of the United States, Members of the United States Congress, the United Nations and international powers to use all means of sanctions to deter Iran from becoming a nuclear state. In light of the extreme instability of the Middle East, our government must work toward non- proliferation of nuclear weapons by Iran. A nuclear Iran will start a nuclear arms race. Countries that feel threatened by Iran will accelerate their ability to secure nuclear weapons for defensive purposes. Since the Arab Spring, this region has proven to be incapable of becoming democratic. All of our elected representatives both in Congress and the Executive Branch, must be reminded that Israel is the only democracy in this region and our first line of defense against the cancer of terrorism and barbarism that is spreading from radical Islam from Iran to Tunisia and all points in between.

The JCRC-GC supports maintaining if not increasing sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. We seek only peace and friendship with the Iranian people.

The JCRC-GC urges all of our elected officials to not yield to any offer by Iran unless it can be fully and completely verified. Iran cannot be trusted and should not be given special allowances without being closely monitored.

It was not long ago that jets hijacked by Islamic extremist destroyed the World Trade Towers in New York City; destroyed a portion of the Pentagon and attempted to destroy the White House. Thousands of innocent people died. Our

intelligence community knows that Iran supports terrorist proxies throughout the world and has provided insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan with sophisticated weapons that directly killed and wounded our soldiers. Imagine if a nuclear armed Iran could provided these weapons to terrorists to hit our homeland once again but with a force many times more devastating than 9-11. Is the risk worth the reward?

Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Charleston

JCRC-GC Board:

  • Larry Freudenberg, Council Chair
  • Larry Kobrovsky, Council Chair Elect
  • Brooks Fudenberg, Board Member
  • Spencer J. Lynch, Board Member
  • Robert N. Rosen, Board Member
  • Ellen Hoffman, Board Member
  • Stanley Chepenik, Board Member
  • Eileen Chepenik, Federation Board Representative 
  • Barbara Ellison, Life Board Member


  • Judi Corsaro - Charleston Jewish Federation CEO
  • Rebecca Solomon Leibowitz, MSW – Charleston Jewish Federation Program Director


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