Your Federated Dollars at Work in Israel

Larry Schwartz, President of the Board of Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte, visited Ulpanit Mevaseret in our sister region, Hadera-Eiron,  just two days before school started to witness first-hand the new Computer Laboratory and Distance Learning Center at Ulpanit Mevaseret Baruch. This laboratory was made possible through the generosity of their federation, the Jewish Federations in Greater Chattanooga and Nashville, and all of us here in Charleston!  All of these cities - and several more - are part of the Partnership 2Gether initiative, which matches a region or larger city in North America with a region in Israel to inspire meaningful connections.  This is the power of community and federated dollars at work!
The Laboratory will help up to 400 young girls, age 11 to 18 from Orthodox Jewish families in the Hadera region to improve their situation and acquire up-to-date skills. Most of them are from families of first or second generation new immigrants, These students will study using the latest technologies that facilitate eventual integration into the community as leaders and valuable members of society and at the same time encourage gifted girls to excel in the sciences and further mathematics. 
Thank you to World Ort Inc. for requesting an allocation from Charleston Jewish Federation so that this lab could become a reality.  World Ort Inc. requested $5,000. This was their first grant from Charleston Jewish Federation.


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