We are am echad, b'lev echad. One People. One Heart.

Charleston Jewish Federation, along with the entire Federation system, is committed to caring for those in need at home, in Israel and around the world. Unfortunately, we have been tested to carry forth this mission with unprecedented need over the past year. Just one example of this is the Hurricane Relief Fund set up by Jewish Federations of North America this past fall. 

When Hurricanes ravaged Florida, Texas, and Puerto Rico, we collectively answered the call. No other agency within our communal system has the experience or capacity to manage such crisis-intervention efforts. The ability to mobilize, to lead, and to plan represents the historic trademark of Federation system.

We are honored to share this letter that we received from the leadership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston >>

As written in this letter, "it's important to come together in times of distress. For it is in these moments that we remember that we are am echad, b'lev echad. One People. One Heart."

Through a PJ Library book drive, the donation of food, supplies, and even a car, our entire community came together to help those in need. We are grateful to spend our days surrounded by exceptional generosity and kindness.

As we look forward to all the exceptional work happening here at home in the Charleston area, we ought to feel good about the difference we are making all over the world.


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