Tikkun Olam – It’s in your hands

This message originally appeared in Hadassah Charleston's e-newsletter, "Byte-Size" earlier this month. Cynthia Hodosh is a community member, volunteer, and member of our Lion of Judah Society

On February 15th, after a layover in Atlanta, I became ill.  In the next 10 days I visited my physician three times, had two courses of antibiotics, negative tests for influenza A and B and developed pneumonia.  I also had high fever, delirium and poor circulation to my hands and feet.

No one knew the signs and symptoms of Covid19 then, there was no test.  My physician had prescribed the antibiotics in case my illness was bacterial, it turned out to be viral. I had Covid19.  Eventually, I recovered.

Months later, when there was an accurate test for long term Covid19 antibodies called a serum IgG test, I took it.  It came back positive.  I am now no longer contagious and have some level of immunity due to having antibodies.

I was able to use my experience to do some good.  I was contacted by Lab Corp, where I had my antibody IgG test, to donate plasma to be sent to patients at MUSC in the ICU unit.  Plasma from recovered Covid19 patients has antibodies.  These are used to treat patients in ICU units who are suffering with Covid19.

I am asking each and every one of you to get tested for antibodies.  If there is a chance that any one of you has been exposed to Covid19, and have been symptomatic or asymptotic, you may be able to save someone's life by donating plasma.

Below are lists of where you can go to get tested for antibodies without a doctor's order: Lab Corp and Quest, at several locations.

Below that are blood donation locations in the low country area where you can donate plasma if you test positive for antibodies.

All the facilities are spotlessly clean and safe. The IgG antibody test at Labcorp and Quest are 99% accurate.

Be a hero.

Save a life, save the world

Cynthia Hodosh, RN

Quest Laboratories
1941 Savage Dr
Charleston SC
866 697 8378
Quest Laboratories
1203 Old Trolley Rd
Summerville, SC
843 873 3336

Lab Corp
1280 Hospital Dr
Unit 1
Mr Pleasant SC
843 883 2662

Lab Corp
3825 Faber Pl Dr
North Charleston
843 308 05581

Lab Corp
8 Fairfield Ave