The Truth About Federation

Dear Friend,
Three years ago, I was honored to be asked to join the Charleston Jewish Federation’s Board of Directors. I was inspired to join because the organization served the community that I cherish and aligned with my values. It treats everyone – constituents, staff and volunteers, respectfully. And most importantly, this organization makes a difference and creates an enormous community impact.

I grew up in New York City and was never part of a Federation community. Truthfully, I didn’t really know what a Federation accomplished. But during my time in Charleston I have seen the immense value that Federation brings to the local community and to Jews worldwide. Every Jewish organization that applies can receive funds to support their programs to create a thriving Jewish community. From Addlestone to the College of Charleston; from KKBE to Dor Tikvah, and even Hadassah. Hadassah receives Federation grants to provide Jewish summer camp scholarships, an experience I had growing up that left a huge impact on my life.  

But Federation is more than a pass-through to organizations and institutions. It provides direct services to families -- from PJ Library books and “Shalom Baby” to senior outreach and assisting the vulnerable. From Holocaust Remembrance programs to the Young Adult Division, we are keeping the generations connected to Judaism in a multitude of ways. Jewish Family Services recently helped very dear friends of mine find nursing care. The Jewish Free Loans of Charleston program is helping another friend celebrate B’neit Mitzvot in Israel.

I am both enriched and satisfied by my role at Federation. Perhaps you’ll consider joining the Charleston Jewish Federation Board. As Co-Chair of the Women’s Division of Campaign, I ask you contribute to our 2019 Annual Campaign. Every dollar counts towards enriching our Jewish community for generations to come. Please learn more about what the Charleston’s Jewish Federation offers to you and your family and become part of it – and a part of us!

Thank you for reading,

Sharon Hox
Board Member, Charleston Jewish Federation