The Remember Project Students Explore the History of Antisemitism

On October 24, 2022 the forth cohort of the Remember Project met virtually. This year's Remember Project cohort is comprised of 11 teens from diverse backgrounds. These 11 teens represent eight local public and private schools in the greater Charleston area. Read below as Dylan Geddis, Senior at Academic Magnet shares about the second cohort meeting. 

I chose to join the Remember Project because I am interested in learning more about genocides and the Holocaust in general. I remember a very small lesson being taught about the holocaust in school and thought how it did not encapsulate the absolute horrors of those events. I want to also learn about my heritage since I am a descendant of Russian jews. 

During the meeting we watched a video on the history of anitsemitism and it was the most memorable part of the meeting for me because it explained the extent of antisemitsm and what it looks like. The video broke down antisemitism and all of its forms as well as who is affected by this type of hatred.

As we continue the cohort experience I am looking forward to organizing events at my school to have speakers come in and I am also looking forward to hearing, in person, granchildren and descendants of Holocaust surivors experiences

Dylan Geddis was selected to participate in the 4th cohort of the Remember Project. High school students have a rare and unique opportunity to study the Holocaust and other genocides by becoming an ambassador in their school and community through the Remember Project. For high school students looking for a meaningful and profound community service experience, this cohort is an excellent option with monthly meetings to ensure this next generation is committed to ‘Always remembering’. For more information on the Remember Program visit