The Earth Is Flatter Today




Dear Friends,

The coronavirus has succeeded in collapsing barriers between countries and peoples as nothing has ever been able to do in the past. We now live in a truly global community in which all of us share the same risk of infection, are taking similar measures to prevent the pandemic’s spread, and are faced with the same daunting challenges brought when reopening the economy and achieving a new normal – however that takes shape. 

Federation has been at the forefront – thinking and working globally –for decades, as we advocate for and support our fellow Jews throughout the world. As COVID-19 spreads across continents, our overseas partner JDC is ensuring that Federation emergency dollars are making an impact where most needed; in Africa and Asia, Europe, Israel, the FSU and more.

We’re carefully monitoring developments in Jewish communities overseas and truly appreciate the Jewish Agency’s leadership in helping us all stay connected. This week they convened the second Global Forum in conjunction with the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs which brought together representatives from around the world including a number of communities hard hit by the coronavirus for updates and mutual support.

Here in Israel, as unfortunately in many US states, there has been a sharp uptick of individuals infected with the virus. Get all the updates here, learn how the pandemic is affecting Israel’s economy, and which Israeli cities are seeing a new spread of the virus. We will continue to track the impact of the coronavirus on Israel and global Jewish communities and share what we learn with you.

We’re also monitoring good news, including Masa Israel Journey’s announcement this week that applications for 2020/21 are officially open. A Masa Visa gives participants permission to enter and remain in Israel throughout their program. Given that Israel remains closed to tourists this is an incredible achievement!

Wishing you all good health and good humor,

Rebecca Caspi
Director General, Israel Office
Senior Vice President, Israel and Overseas

PS - In case you missed it, we recently produced a webinar on Israel’s potential annexation of the West Bank. You can listen to the recording and brush up on the details with our fact sheet here.