The Charleston Jewish Federation is moving!


Harry Goldberg, CJF President                
Judi Corsaro, CJF Chief Executive Officer

A Jewish Community Space

(August 13, 2015) Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 marks the beginning of a new era as the Charleston Jewish Federation (CJF) transitions to a new office space, precipitated by sale of the Jewish Community Center building. The JCC campus had been home to CJF for many years.

building taskforce was formed to search for, select, and negotiate new space for CJF. The taskforce consisted of three real estate professionals and a real estate attorney.

Criteria for a new home for CJF included:

  • Location easily accessible from all greater Charleston areas
  • Easy access for constituents, volunteers, and community partners
  • Offices for four full-time Federation employees
  • Confidential counseling space for the Charleston Jewish Family Services Director (CJFS) and space for the Kosher Food Pantry
  • Safe and secure building
  • Meeting space for the various programs, meetings, and training sessions
  • Community space that can be used by the entire Jewish community

The Albemarle Point Center, 176 Croghan Spur Road, Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29407 met all the requirements.

CJF is very fortunate that Amanda Reeves (Real Estate Professional) and Ruth Goldberg (Real Estate Attorney) donated their time and professional services. Amanda donated her commission, which means that CJF will not be paying any rent through the end of 2015. Ruth did all the legal work pro bono.

Moving forward, the rent and expenses will be funded through a combination of cost efficiencies gained by being in a smaller space, grant income received that can be utilized for rent, and through the Jewish community allocation process. The new space will reduce overhead costs by 45% per month.

We look forward to welcoming you into our new home.

For more information, please contact Judi Corsaro by e-mail or at 843-614-6600.

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