The 4th Cohort of the Remember Project Is Underway!

On October 2, 2022 the forth cohort of the Remember Project met in person. This year's Remember Project cohort is comprised of 11 teens from diverse backgrounds. These 11 teens represent eight local public and private schools in the greater Charleston area. Read below as Lily Phelps, 2021-22 Remember Project student and group leader for the 2022-2023 year, reflects on our first meeting. 

This is my second year in the Remember Project. I wanted to rejoin because I met so many great people and was given so many opportunities to learn new things last year. This year I am grateful to say I am a cohort leader. With our first meeting, we did a silent activity where people stood up for different statements that related to them. This was both surprising and memorable to me, because this was the first time meeting many of the members and we were able to bond and learn more about each other. Last year, the Remember Project was online, but this year I am excited that we will be able to interact with each other in person, because I truly believe that this will make the Remember Project more meaningful and impactful.

*Lily Phelps was selected to participate in the 3rd cohort of the Remember Project, and now serves as a group leader for the 4th cohort. High school students have a rare and unique opportunity to study the Holocaust and other genocides by becoming an ambassador in their school and community through the Remember Project. For high school students looking for a meaningful and profound community service experience, this cohort is an excellent option with monthly meetings to ensure this next generation is committed to ‘Always remembering’. For more information on the Remember Program visit