Synagogue Emanu-El Ladies Night Out

Women's Intuition: Miracle or Myth. An Evening of learning, laughter and shared experiences

Women have instincts. An inner voice that urges us to pay attention to what is in our heads and our hearts. But do we listen? Too often we don't and regret it. In this memorable workshop by acclaimed novelist, Saralee Rosenberg, you will learn how happy endings aren't just for the characters in books. She'll teach you where intuition comes from (the same place as creativity!) and how it can give you clarity when you need it most. The program also includes group interaction and intuition testing. It's fun, empowering and will help you trust the answers you get from within.You may never view problems the same way again.

DATE: Monday, March 9th, 2015
PLACE: Synagogue Emanu el , 5 Windsor Lane, Charleston
RSVP- 843-571-3264
COST: $45, includes wine, hors d’ourves and desserts


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