South Carolina Jewish Merchants Project

The Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC) has partnered with Historic Columbia and the College of Charleston to undertake a state-wide survey of Jewish merchants, past and present. The foundational product of the survey will be a database available on the JHSSC’s website. This database, we hope, will capture the impact of Jewish businessmen and women on communities, large and small, as well as the networks of family and friends that led Jewish men and women to call this state home.

We invite you to visit our website - - and participate in the project by filling out one or more surveys. 

If you would like to learn more about the Jewish Merchants Project or are interested in helping us research merchants, please contact Katharine Allen, For general inquiries about the JHSSC, contact

Image description: Sam Breibart Groceries, Charleston, SC, circa 1930



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