Reflections From First NAGID 360 Session: By Abby Kobrovsky

I joined NAGID 360 to learn more about the Jewish Federation, meet other like-minded young professionals, and learn leadership skills that I can implement in my career. Based on the first meeting, I believe the program will be successful on all counts. We were lucky to have Jillian Wagenhiem’s guidance in this introductory session. Jillian, founder of Sertus Consulting, Inc., is experienced in generational philanthropic giving and will be sharing her expertise with NAGID 360 at various points in the next seven months.

To start off the session, Jillian led us through a few active listening exercises where we paired up and conversed about different topics, including our first Jewish memory. These exercises helped us get to know our fellow NAGID 360 members and also practice skills we will need when we meet with various Jewish Federation organizations over the course of the program.

My favorite part of the session was when Jillian led us through an exercise that helped the group hone in on our philanthropic values. Jillian gave us each a set of note cards—each card was labeled with a different value, including resiliency, compassion, and faith. We first individually ordered the values from most to least important, based on our personal opinions of what values matter the most in a philanthropic endeavor. We then paired off and explained our top five and bottom five values to our partner. I really enjoyed getting to know my partner in this exercise. It was an effective way to learn a lot about someone and bond quickly. After discussing our values in pairs, we each shared our top five values with the group and noted where there was overlap. It was fascinating to learn that almost every value was in at least one person’s top five. We are indeed a diverse group in both experience and values.

I’m looking forward to getting to know my fellow NAGID 360 members better over the coming months. The first session set a solid foundation for the thoughtful, engaging conversations to come!

*Abby Kobrovsky was selected to participate in NAGID 360: The Leadership Institute of the Charleston Jewish Community. NAGID 360 is a dynamic group experience, for local Jewish professionals to directly impact the future of our greater Charleston Jewish community. By taking a 360° view, they explore our diverse, vibrant and growing city with important role models and leaders. Eligible candidates are young professionals (20's - 40's) seeking opportunities to grow their leadership, business and Jewish communal knowledge and skills, while meeting like-minded people and having fun! But that's not all. Participation in this cohort also means joining an elite network of mentors and peers, gaining access to VIP events and receiving subsidies for conventions and trips around the world and in Israel.Abby is one of 12 members participating in the second cohort. To learn more visit


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