JFNA statement on attacks on a Reform synagogue in Israel

Jewish Federations were horrified by and wholeheartedly condemn the recent acts of vandalism at Kehilat Ra'anan, Beit Samueli, a Reform synagogue in Ra'anana, Israel which included death threats to Jewish leaders.

We support all streams of Judaism in their efforts to build communities according to their practices and traditions. An act of this kind is an attack on the entire Jewish People and an assault on our basic values. Violence, incitement and hatred have no place in any of our communities.

We thank the Prime Minister and other Israeli leaders for condemning this terrible act and trust that they will take meaningful steps to fulfill the Government of Israel’s commitment to making Israel, including the Western Wall, a safe and welcoming place for all Jews, and Israeli citizens.

You can read about this incident here: http://www.timesofisrael.com/raanana-reform-synagogue-vandalized-death-threats-left-with-knife/ .


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