JCRC and CJF Message Regarding the Tragedy in New Zealand

A Message Regarding the Tragedy in New Zealand
As we hear news of the tragedy that has unfolded in two mosques in New Zealand, our hearts are broken. We mourn the senseless loss of innocent lives and pray for the speedy and full recovery of those wounded by this violent act of hatred. Houses of worship should be sacred and safe spaces for all faiths, and an attack on one is an attack on us all.

Only a few short months ago, Jewish worshipers at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh were murdered by a man who hated Jews. All of Charleston, including our friends at the Central Mosque, rallied behind our Jewish community with friendship and support. Today we offer our friendship and support to our Muslim neighbors. Along with all of our local Rabbis, we have reached out to Imam Shamudeen of the Central Mosque offering our condolences, support and solidarity. 

We commit to continuing our mission to strengthen our bonds with all communities targeted by hate. Love and solidarity are a far more powerful force than hatred. Terrorist attacks like the one that took place in New Zealand will only serve to bring us together rather than drive us apart, in spite of the actions of those motivated by hate.  

May this Shabbat be one of peace for all people.

Eileen Chepenik                                                        Judi Corsaro
CJF President                                                            CJF CEO