Reflections from 1st HS Holocaust Leadership Cohort Meeting: Grace Rooker

On October 28th, the High School Holocaust Leadership Cohort held its first meeting. Of course, the meeting included information about the logistics of the group, but we were also able to get to know one another and learn about the exciting events the group leaders have planned for us. We talked about awesome opportunities like meeting Holocaust survivors and touring local, historic Jewish sites, all activities that we will participate in. The most memorable moment at the meeting was the series of icebreakers we did to become familiar with each other. Most of us come from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and it was interesting to see that we have all gone through similar situations despite our differences. I am definitely excited to see our group learn and spread awareness of the Holocaust together.

*Grace Rooker was selected to participate in the High School Holocaust Leadership Cohort. High school students have a rare and unique opportunity to study the Holocaust and other genocides by becoming an ambassador in their school and community through the 2019-2020 Holocaust High School Leadership Cohort. For high school students looking for a meaningful and profound community service experience, this cohort is an excellent option with monthly meetings to ensure this next generation is committed to ‘Always remembering’. For more information on the Remember Program visit