Hadassah Accepts Nominations for the Evolve Leadership Fellows Initiative

What is the Evolve Leadership Fellows Initiative?

The Evolve Leadership Fellows is a two-year leadership engagement initiative designed to inspire emerging young leaders by offering candidates opportunities to grow and learn. The first year of the program will begin in July 2022, and include five intensive education and training sessions, an immersive Hadassah Israel experience including the 2022 Hadassah Convention, and will conclude with an in-person session at the July 2023 National Business Meetings in Chicago, IL. During the second year the participant is required to commit to create and lead a project or take on a leadership role in their Hadassah community based on the needs of the local area determined in partnership with the Region President.

Who should be nominated?

·       Women 45 and under

·       Current Hadassah member

·       Possesses a commitment to Hadassah and connection to Israel and Zionism

·       Demonstrates leadership potential

Nominees should not:

·       NOT have participated in a previous Hadassah leadership program (i.e., Hadassah Leadership Fellows, Hadassah Leadership Academy, Young Women’s Cabinet, Past YWYL Missions)

·       NOT have participated in a Hadassah Momentum trip

·       NOT previously nor currently hold the position of Region President

Is there a fee to participate in the Evolve Leadership Fellows Initiative?

Yes. Fellows are required to pay a $500 initiative fee along with their airfare to Israel and Israel trip insurance. The $500 fee is not tax deductible.

Submit your nominee. Visit https://www.cognitoforms.com/Hadassah3/EvolveLeadershipFellowsNominationForm

Nominations will be accepted through February 25, 2022. Nominees will be invited by an email within a week from the Evolve department to submit a full application. Nominees should submit their application as soon as possible after notification. The deadline for nominees to apply is March 31, 2022.