"Guidance on Outreach and Service Provision to Holocaust Survivors"

Administration for Community Living Publishes "Guidance on Outreach and Service Provision to Holocaust Survivors"

On Thursday, January 12, 2017, the U.S. Administration for Community Living sent the national Aging Services Network a "Guidance on Outreach and Service Provision to Holocaust Survivors." This guidance is the result of years of JFNA advocacy to include language in the Older Americans Act (OAA) that specifically addressed the unique needs of Holocaust survivors. JFNA was thrilled by the inclusion of a provision in the most recent reauthorization of the OAA that required the Assistant Secretary for Aging to issue guidance to the Aging Services Network on serving Holocaust survivors. The provision identified that guidance should be issued on promising practices to conduct outreach and service provision to the Holocaust population.

Following the reauthorization of the OAA, JFNA worked hand-in-hand with ACL and experts throughout the aging and Holocaust survivor services field to collect best practice recommendations, the majority of which is contained within ACL's finalized guidance. We believe this guidance will help to ensure that Holocaust survivors are able to live their final years with dignity and respect.


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