Grant Allocations to Israeli Organizations

The Charleston Jewish Federation supports Jewish people all over the world through Jewish Federations of North America and our international partners, and provides opportunities to link the local Jewish community to the people of Israel through targeted organizations in Israel:

Organization: Hiddush— For Freedom of Religion and Equality in Israel
Project: Video Project on Freedom of Marriage in Israel
Charleston connection: Rabbi Regev spoke at KKBE (Voices of Israel Series) and local community member Ben Brams interned there.

Summary: A video project focusing on the issue of marriage in Israel. The issue of marriage reflects the broader religion/state challenges that are central to the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. The videos will be used to introduce the issues to adults and teens using the social media platforms, in organizations and in schools, camps and youth groups. The videos, which will be made in Hebrew and English, will be accompanied by discussion and study guides.

Organization: HaMidrasha
​Project: Elga Stulman Institute
Charleston Connection: Charlestonians have studied there (Newt Klements and Eric Oser), Devora Evron spoke at Voices of Israel event co-sponsored by Hadassah, Executive Director Betsy Melamed will speak at the young women's annual campaign event

Summary: Lehava is a study program developed by the Elga Stulman Institute of HaMidrasha for high school graduates in pre-army leadership academies, designed to empower young women to become activists, leaders and agents of social change in their units, IDF and Israeli society, and to challenge young men to embrace and promote gender equality as an integral social value.

Organization: World ORT
Project: Computer Laboratory and Distance Learning Center Ulpanit Mevaseret Baruch
Website address:
Charleston connection: The school is located in Hadera, Charleston’s sister-region through Partnership2Gether.

Summary: World ORT will be able to help 400 young girls age 11 to 18 from Orthodox Jewish families in the Hadera region, most of them from families of first or second generation new immigrants, to improve their situation and acquire updated skills. These students will study using the latest technologies that facilitate eventual integration into the community as leaders and valuable members of society and at the same time encourage gifted girls to excel in the sciences and further mathematics.


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