JFNA Emergency Campaign Updates - November 2022

Because of you, your Federation and our international partners show up in every corner of the globe bringing countless lives to safety, providing them with food, medicine and life-saving supplies. And, just like those who came before us, it is now our turn to secure, build and sustain the Jewish communities here in Charleston, in Israel, and around the world. 


Hurriane Ian:

Jewish Federations convened a meeting for more than 20 Jewish institutions in Southwest Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Ian. They discussed institutional recovery issues with Marcus Coleman, DHS Director of the Faith-Based and Community Partnership Office, and Jaclyn Rosenberg, FEMA’s Director of Public Affairs.

JFNA has launched a formal assessment that will inform the allocation process, assist in fundraising, and be a useful tool for local communities. To date, approximately $700,000 has been raised for Ian relief.

Allocations have been recommended for expanding a Federation food pantry, supporting a senior housing facility that took in 200 residents during the storm, repairing another facility that suffered damage because of Ian-related tornados, and providing assistance to Jewish and non-Jewish partners that are serving the broader community.
Jewish Federations are uniquely positioned to help at times of need such as these. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to act when disaster strikes.


JFNA Ukraine Emergency Fund:

Jewish Federations and our partners continue to work together to ensure that urgent relief reaches the neediest, including those refugees who have fled, as well as those remaining in Ukraine, given that close to seven million have been displaced from their homes but remain in the country. See this link for a review of Federations’ relief efforts, that include the $73.5 million raised to date, with $62 million already distributed to Federations’ core partners, The Jewish Agency for Israel, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), and World ORT, along with over 50 other NGO’s.

For information on the latest round of Federation allocations for Ukraine, please see here.


Charleston Ukraine Family Resttlement Fund

We are thrilled to share that four additional Jewish Ukrainian refugees arrived in Charleston last week after a long and arduous journey. 

Thankfully, the family has all of the items (clothes, furniture, kitchenware, etc.) that they need at this time. Should the need arise for specific items, we will certainly let you and the community know.

All of our new Ukrainian community members are beyond grateful to the Charleston community for being so welcoming and supportive.

Today, over 5.8 million refugees have fled Ukraine and are currently in Europe, with millions more internally displaced or forced to shelter in or near their homes.