Dor Tikvah Community News November 2014

Upcoming Classes in Preparation of our Shabbaton

  1. Tuesday, Nov 4, 8:00pm at the JCC: Taste of Shabbat - Challah Bake
  2. Saturday, Nov 8, 12:20pm: Special Shabbat Academy Lectures
         Key Concepts of Cooking for Shabbat
         Shabbat 101: Why Celebrate Shabbat?
  3. Tuesday, Nov 11, 8:00pm at the Lipschutz’s, 1688 Seignious Dr.: Sights of Shabbat - Where do we see Shabbat in Torah?


S.O.S.S. – Share One Shabbos Shabbaton

Experience an authentic traditional Shabbat from beginning to end with the Dor Tikvah community

Sign up to host or to be hosted at or email Ora Davies at


Friday, Nov. 14th

  • 4:30 - Pre-Shabbos Oneg
  • 5:00 - Carlebach Friday Night Service
  • Friday Night Dinner @ Local Host Homes (Food available for purchase from Dining In)


Saturday, Nov. 15th

  • 12:00 - Catered Shabbat Luncheon
  • 4:30 - Shabbat Afternoon Tisch
  • 6:15 - Musical Havdallah


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