Director of SCCH Joins the Remember Project for their 2nd Meeting

On September 14, 2020 the second cohort of the Remember Project met virtually for the second time. This year's Remember Project cohort is comprised of 20 teens from diverse backgrounds. These 20 teens represent eight local public and private schools in the greater Charleston area. During the meeting the students came together to learn from Scott Auspelmeyer, Executive Director of the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust. He led them in a discussion of Anti-Semitism throughout history from the Romans through present day. Read below as Jason VanMeir, senior at Palmetto Scholars Academy, reflects on this experience. 

    This week’s meeting was really amazing, and I know I, for one, was very enthusiastic and entertained. As a group, we started with a fun icebreaker, and then immediately took a lesson on a brief history of the holocaust and antisemitism throughout world history. We were lead in discussion by the Executive Direcotor of the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust, Scott Auspelmeyer. He gave one of the best history lectures I have ever experienced, and all of my peers in the program agree with me. He was so knowledgeable in the area, gave great examples and comparisons, and I ended up taking away so much from the lesson.

    This was my favorite meeting to date by far, and what I found so powerful was being able to talk with the speaker, ask questions, and learn about the holocaust in a simple and effective way. I’m really glad to get to write this post and be a member of the Charleston Remember Project, and would like to thank our guest lecturer, Mr Scott Auspelmeyer, Executive Director for the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust, for giving me a great lesson and helping me to learn more about the holocaust

*Jason VanMeir was selected to participate in the second cohort of the Remember Project. High school students have a rare and unique opportunity to study the Holocaust and other genocides by becoming an ambassador in their school and community through the Remember Project. For high school students looking for a meaningful and profound community service experience, this cohort is an excellent option with monthly meetings to ensure this next generation is committed to ‘Always remembering’. For more information on the Remember Program visit