Congratulations to 2017 Holocaust Creative Arts Competition Award Winners

Our REMEMBER Program's Holocaust Creative Arts & Writing Competition received entries from middle and high school students from across the Greater Charleston area. This year's theme was "Resistance". The 2017 winners will receive cash prizes thanks to the generous support of Homegrown Hospitality Group at a ceremony open to their teachers and families on April 26, 2017. Some of the art pieces are now on display at the Charleston County Public Library (68 Calhoun Street) until the end of April

Thank you to Sandra Brett for her leadership of this important program and to all of the community members who judge the competition.

Middle School Creative Writing

First Place:  Makayla Garyn,  “Re-sist-ance,” James Simons School

Second Place:  Ella Kindt, “Survivor,” Charleston Collegiate Academy

Third Place:  Austin Brown, “Human Spirit: The Strongest Weapon,” Gregg Middle School

Honorable Mention:

Olivia Thornton, “Wilt,” Charleston Collegiate Academy

Erin Lawson, “An Undying Determination,” Charleston Collegiate Academy

Rayven Clark, “I am Anne Frank,” James Simons School


Middle School Visual Arts

First Place: Alexus Hopkins, “There’s a light at the end of the Tunnel”, Marrington Middle School

Second Place:  Emma Keiser, “In a Cloud of Hate, Charleston Collegiate Academy

Third Place: Autumn Bosier, “Hidden Colors of the Holocaust,” Buist Academy

Honorable Mention:

Olivia Klein, “Breakthrough,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Lillie Ray, “Forbidden Art,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Abby Whitaker, “A Mother’s Love Protects You,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts


Middle School Multimedia

First Place: Bella Byham, Camille Fei, and Charlotte Francis, “Haunting Melodies,” Daniel Island School


High School Creative Writing

First Place:  Celia Campbell, “Resistance in Its Many Forms,” Bishop England

Second Place: Taylor Allen, “This is a Fight for my Life,” Goose Creek High School

Third Place: Hayden Halliburton, “Passenger,” Goose Creek High School

Honorable Mention:

John Charles Borkowski IV, Bishop England High School

Delaney Coldren, “Poetry Billy Club,” Goose Creek High School

Harrison Wedgeworth, “A Perspective from Warsaw,” Stratford High School

Katie Crawcheck, “Rabbit, Emotional Resistance,” Porter-Gaud School


High School Visual Arts

First Place: Mary Coastal Watkins, “Undying Faith,” Charleston County School of the Arts

Second Place:  Kelsey McClanahan, “Hope,” Stratford High School

Third Place: Mary McKeown, “An Ember in the Ash,” Northwood Academy

Honorable Mention:

Marisa Giuliani, “The last Butterfly of Terezin,” Bishop England High School

Jasmine Adams, “Gino’s Greatest Victory,” Bishop England High School

Megan Dukes, “Janusz Korczak: From Warsaw to Treblinka,” Bishop England High School

Jordon O’Connor “Nicky’s Children,” Bishop England High School


High School Multimedia

First Place:  Freah Camila Cinense,  “Would You?” Bishop England High School

Honorable Mention: Makenna Bryant and Candace Herrman





Lisa Collins, Gregg Middle School

Elizabeth Ellis, Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Maury Goodloe, Buist Academy

Amy Hardison, Daniel Island School

Jennifer Savage, James Simons Middle School

Jennifer Luckie, Charleston Collegiate Academy

Jillian Tarkany, Bishop England High School

Nick Geary, Goose Creek High School

Susan Pancoski, Stratford High School

Childs Smith, Porter Gaud High School

Ben Moore, Charleston County School of the Arts

Megan Collier-Bansil, Stratford High School

Mercedes daSilva, Northwood Academy High School

Jennie Humphreys, Bishop England High School

Denise Deveaux, Northwood Academy


On Display at the Charleston Library until end of April:

Olivia Jackson, “Hope,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Kacie Schrecengost, “Life and Hope,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Maddie Whitley, “Reach,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Jose Fineraula, “Hope for Peace,” Marrington Middle School of the Arts

Jack McAvoy “I live,” Bishop England High School

Gillian McMurtry, “Sophie Scholl’s White Rose,” Bishop England High School

Madison Bares “Resistance is Not Black and White,” Bishop England High School

Adrienne Herr, “From Confinement to Protection,” Bishop England High School

Sarah Robinson, “Tallit,” Fort Dorchester High School


To learn more about Charleston Jewish Federation’s Holocaust educational resources for schools and teachers: Contact Rebecca Engel at or visit


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