Charleston Jewish Federation Partners with Masorti Foundation

This year, the Charleston Jewish Federation's Israel and Overseas Committee has been hard at work both before and during this time of virtual meetings and programming. Recently, we fulfilled grant requests from a diverse group of "home grown" Israeli organizations. 

One of the 6 diverse organizations we are supporting this year is  Masorti Foundation for Conservative Judaism in Israel. Masorti works towards creating and providing opportunities for Jews to live Jewish lives in Israel unhindered, and on their own terms, within the framework of Conservative/Masorti Judaism.

Your Federation dollars support a variety of different organizations, including Masorti in their work to provide Bar/Bat Mitzvah education, training, and practice for students with disabilities. According to Masorti, "Our experience shows that as a result of participation in our Bar-Bat Mitzvah program, children and youth with disabilities have increased self-esteem and confidence. And, by taking part in shared activities, people begin to understand the world of children and youth with disabilities more clearly and with less fear and suspicion. "

One parent shared, "Our family is so proud and satisfied with the process that [she] went through, and in this letter we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the guidance, investment, attention to every little detail, translation of the prayers to adapted illustrations and for the unique experience that you have given to all of us."


In order to learn more about our Israel and Overseas Initiative and to get involved with this process contact Erin Boynton (