On January 26th, Charleston Hadassah Will A Host a Period Party!

Charleston Hadassah is having a Period Party

Sunday, January 26 from 11am-1pm

Did you know?

  • In the US, consumers spend over $2B on menstrual hygiene products
  • While menstrual hygiene is a necessity, these products are NOT covered by any government program such as WIC, SNAP, or Medicaid. 40 states do not even recognize them as “necessary items,” and are therefore are taxed higher, as luxuries, including here in SC
  • Menstrual hygiene products are not covered under HSAs or FSAs. However, dietary supplements, nasal strips, antacids, Viagra, corn/callous removers, first aid kits, and cough drops all are.
  • In SC, alone, over 400, 000 people who menstruate live in poverty. That’s 5M packs needed every year in just this state! It is a key reason why people miss work and school because they do not have proper access to these necessities
  • 78% of students report that they do not have the necessary items to get through their cycle on a regular basis
  • On average, people who menstruate will use over 16, 800 tampons and pads over the course of their lifetime
  • Tampons and pads are the LEAST donated items to shelters

We can do something about this.  We are holding a Period Party to build “Period Packs” to help a homeless woman through one period!

We are ask to bring donations of

  • Individually-wrapped tampons
  • Individually-wrapped menstrual pads
  • Individually-wrapped panti-liners
  • Individually-wraooed hygiene wipes
  • Ziplock quart of gallon sized

One period pack requires 5-7 pads, 5-7 tampons, 5 panti-liners and 5 wipes.

Please bring a friend or three, bring your donations, and enjoy a light lunch before forming an assembly line to put the period packs together to donate to homeless women in local shelter.

We’ll meet at the home of Sandi Archambault in West Ashely. PLEASE RSVP by Friday, January 24 to Sandi at artissan@aol.com for her address. 

Start collecting now.  Coupons for $3 off products appeared in Sunday’s newspaper supplement.  They show up regularly (just like periods!)