Charleston-Area Teens Engage in Community Service in Texas

This past Hanukkah, nine Jewish teens represented Charleston at United Synagogue Youth's 66th annual International Convention in Dallas, Texas.
They created bonds and friendships with other teens from as far as the U.K., Croatia and Uganda that will last a lifetime. In addition, they worked with the local community in many service projects and helped to raise over $10,000 for charity. While expanding their leadership skills, knowledge of Judaism and their Jewish identities, they made unforgettable memories. In reflection, it was one of the most influential moments of life and created a sense of belonging like no other. 
Delegates from COSY: Brian Hawkins, Aaron Levine, Noa Leigh Hubara, Nate LeRoy, Eli LeRoy, Jasper Hawkins, Elan Levine, Kailey Allen, and Nathalie Delson


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