Celebrating Passover All Over the World

With Passover just around the corner, we thought you would be interested in taking a peek at some of the creative and engaging holiday programming Federations are supporting around the globe. 
Passover in the Former Soviet Union
Passover this year will be truly special for JDC clients, including homebound elderly, disabled, members of the Women’s Club, and participants of the Children’s Program and Teenage Club. In the Kharkov region, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan matza will be distributed and clients provided with celebratory Passover activities including: a traditional Seder, children’s drawing contests, a culinary competition, an art exhibition on the Haggadah, theatrical performances by members of the community, a pre-Passover shabbaton for youth, story time for youth and young families about Passover traditions, a “Find the Afikoman quest for children, a Haggadah quiz, community cooking for the holiday and many more engaging and meaningful events organized by JDC.
Passover in Israel
The Jewish Agency for Israel is hosting matza baking and model Seders at absorption centers throughout the country and in many of their Ulpans (Hebrew language learning centers) and student dormitories.
The Jewish Agency has also organized learning workshops for children to learn more about Passover.


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