BBYO and NFTY Make History

What happens when Jewish teens make a concerted effort to work together? They make history.

Over President’s Day weekend, over 3,000 Jewish teens gathered together for BBYO and NFTY’s International Conventions. While the organizations have some differences, they have many more similarities. Both BBYO and NFTY are comprised of teens that want to change the world, want to make a difference, and take pride in their Judaism, and on Saturday, February 14th, history was made. Approximately 1,000 NFTY teens joined together with over 2,200 BBYO teens, representing over 20 different countries to learn together and celebrate their shared Jewish pride. Communities like ours took great pride in knowing that we have been the leaders as our two organizations head down this path of partnership and collaboration. We look forward to many more years of growing our organizations together to help the greater Charleston community because we are, in fact, #strongertogether.

For more information about NFTY in Charleston, contact Robin Shuler at and for more information about BBYO, contact Tamar Sternfeld at

Pictured above: the Charleston delegations of BBYO and NFTY in Atlanta. Back row from left: Melanie Weintraub, Zachary Lutz, Tiffany Dye, Jennifer Barron, Alex Millman, Ellie Kunitz-Levy, Tamar Sternfeld, Lexi Chavin, Lani Chavin, Ellie Kunitz-Levy. Front row from left: Margo Schwartz, Sophie Brams, Kirby Glass, Robin Shuler, and Rabbi Andrew Terkel


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