A Review of Amiel BaKehila's Second Delegation

Earlier this month we welcomed back two visitors as part of our Amiel Bakehila Israel Engagement Initiative: Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider and Dov Maisel (Senior Vice-President of Operations for United Hatzalah/Untied Rescue volunteer emergency response organizations). Dov provided presentations/discussions to the following groups:



  • Jews of the Sea Islands at the home of Bruce and Ava Kleinman, Seabrook Island
  • Jewish students at the Citadel Military College 
  • Jewish Life Group of Porter Gaud High School
  • CHS County Rescue Squad
  • Addlestone Hebrew Academy

Rabbi Goldschieder led a discussion, sponsored by Jewish Family Sercives and Synagogue Emanu-El Sisterhood called "Coping With Loss: Finding Comfort from Tradition" at the home of Stuart and Nanci Kestenbaum.  

The next Amiel BaKehila visit will be Sunday, November 4th through Tuesday, November 6th. The delegation will consist of Rabbi Goldscheider and Artist Sheva Chaya Shaiman. Sheva Chaya is a talented, multi-faceted artist capable of working in many different media and forms. She has wonderful talks, but will also gladly lead hands-on art activities for both children (in the schools) as well as for adults. 


To learn more or host a program with either of our visitors, contact ShaiB@jewishcharleston.org




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