SCN Security Briefing on Threats to the Jewish Community

SCN Security Briefing on Threats to the Jewish Community

March 2, 2017

Call announces new National Security Advisory Council on anti-Semitic incidents

As anti-Semitic threats and incidents continue to rise across the U.S., the Secure Community Network (SCN) — the sole national security agency in the Jewish community— briefed 18 media outlets on a conference call on Thursday, March 2, 2017.

Speakers praised local, state and federal law enforcement officials for their ongoing help and support in protecting Jewish communities nationwide amid the recent wave of violence.

Michael Siegal, chair of the board of SCN, said, “We have seen no easing of commitment in the current administration. There is no lack of cooperation among individuals at the highest levels of the security community or lack of concern and commitment toward our communities’ safety.”

Paul Goldenberg, director of SCN, announced the creation of a new National Security Advisory Council specifically to address the rise in anti-Semitic incidents. The seven Advisory Council members include former high-ranking DHS officials.

Alejandro Mayorkas, former DHS deputy secretary and chair of the new Advisory Council, discussed the importance of federal efforts to address the violence, and why SCN-law enforcement partnerships are essential to combating such incidents. Michael Masters, a SCN Advisory Board member from Chicago, spoke to similar on-the-ground work within local communities.


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