12 Reasons to Join Heart to Heart 8: A Journey to Israel for Women

Come on the Heart to Heart Mission for the experience of a lifetime. We’ve prepared 12 reasons for why you do not want to pass up this incredible opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you and those you travel with in Israel—your mothers, daughters, sisters, lifelong friends, and new friends. We also encourage you to share these photos on your own Facebook page to foster excitement for the mission among your friends and community members!

Reason #1. Join a cohort of women from across North America to feel a group dynamic filled with laughter, passion, and friendship.

Reason #2. Be a part of something larger than yourself.

Reason #3. Learn in Israel from the best scholars and speakers.

Reason #4. Meet those who make a difference in our lives at home, in Israel and around the world.

Reason #5. Have you ever been to Israel in the winter? The country’s mild, Mediterranean climate makes it an ideal travel destination all year round— even in February!

Reason #6. Visit the places and see the faces of those whose lives Federation touches each and every day. When you know how Federation dollars work to make lives better, the personal stories you hear will grow closer to your heart each day you support Federation.

Reason #7. Tour the Old City of Jerusalem and even go on the famous Western Wall Tunnel tour at midnight!

Reason #8. Experience Tel Aviv’s metropolitan magic mixed with the Mediterranean coast.

Reason #9. Good things come in small packages. For a country smaller than New Jersey, Israel’s creative culture is larger than you could ever imagine!

Reason #10. “Israeli cuisine reflects humanity at its best.”— American-Israeli chef, Michael Solomonov, says “Israeli cuisine reflects humanity at its best.” People call Israel the land of milk & honey for a reason. Experience all of the incredible fresh, homemade flavors Israel has to offer.

Reason #11. You feel a special sense of unity when you spend holidays in Israel. Come with us to visit Israel during Tu B'Shevat, the 15th day of the Jewish month of Shevat, and the holiday known as the New Year for Trees.

Reason #12. Take photos and videos to post about your experience and share with those back home. 

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