How do I create my Jewish legacy?

Think About Your Vision

Creating a Jewish legacy involves a gift, but it starts with your vision. Think first about what is most important to you. What charitable organizations have you supported, and why? What are the causes that you are most passionate about, and why? What would you like to continue supporting past your lifetime? What kind of world would you like your family and future generations to live in? How could you help to make that vision closer to reality through your legacy gift?

Make a commitment

You don’t have to have all of the details about you legacy gift right away. When you’ve made the commitment to set aside a part of your estate for the benefit of the community, you’ve made the most important step. You can meet with us to discuss what you want your legacy to be. By signing a Letter of Intent, you will join community members who are making this special commitment. While we want to recognize you as an example for others, if you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor that choice.