Max Kirshstein Community Youth Endowment Award

The annual Max Kirshstein Community Youth Endowment Award recognizes Charleston Jewish teenagers for outstanding community service. The Kirshstein family honors their father Max Kirshstein, OBM, through this award, whose own life exemplified extraordinary dedication to others.


The application requires written references who can attest to the student’s impact on the community, a short video, and essay question.

All Charleston-area teens in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply. Applications and recommendation letters are due by Friday, November 17, 2017.


The award of $1,000 will be presented at the Charleston Jewish Federation’s Annual Meeting on December 11, 2017 note: changed from Dece 13th).

We look forward to honoring a Charleston Jewish teenager who serves the community in the same unselfish manner as Max Kirshstein did for so many years.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Engel at

  • The Kirshstein family honored their late father Max through this award, which is given every year, through the creation of an endowment. Read more about endowments and legacy giving.


    Sophie accepted her award from Nathan Kirshstein, Max's son, at the 2016 Annual Meeting.


2010 Sean Lynch
2010 Jordan Kalik
2010 Shani Browdy
2011 Blake Barnett
2012 Ben Gilbert
2013 Melanie Weintraub
2014 Alec Rabinovitz
2015 Abby Leroy
2016 Sophie Brams