10 2013

Rabbi Stephanie Alexander: Reform is a Verb

5:00PM - 6:15PM  

Arnold Hall, Jewish Studies 96 Wentworth St.

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Twice a year, during the popular Three Rabbi Panels, Rabbi Alexander represents the Reform Jewish perspective on a wide variety of issues. However, the Reform Movement is by its very nature a dynamic and ever-changing expression of Jewish practice and belief. This series will provide an opportunity to go into greater depth regarding the evolution of Reform Judaism on three frontiers. November 10: The Big Tent - How has the Reform Jewish community evolved into one of the most diverse Jewish communities, and how has that diversity helped Reform Judaism to evolve? November 17: Israel - How has Reform Judaism evolved from an anti-Zionist movement at its founding to one that just saw a congregational trip to Israel of 50 participants? November 24: Back to the Sources - How are Reform Jews evolving through their rediscovery of Jewish ritual and classical Jewish texts?