4 2014

KKBE Adult Ed: "Yiddish with an Australian Accent"

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

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Presented by Helen Slucki

Yiddish can make us nostalgic... it can also make us shudder and laugh, especially when we're bantering about Yiddish curses!  Filled with euphemisms, wildly colorful, and sometimes paragraphs long (hey, you can't rush these things), Yiddish is rich with a tradition of sayings that are part prophecy, part "Jew-doo."  Helen Slucki (our former receptionist) has been immersed in Yiddish culture from childhood through university studies.  Miss this sure-to-be-fun session and "Vaksn zolstu vi a tsibele mitn kop in dr'erd - May you grow like an onion with your head in the ground!"  Co-sponsored by Sisterhood

Sponsor: KKBE & KKBE Sisterhood