25 2014

Reading Hebrew

5:25PM - 6:40PM  

Yaschik/Arnold Jewish Studies Program, College of Charleston 96 Wentworth Street
Charleston, SC

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Reading Hebrew is an informal, weekly course teaching students how to read Hebrew. It is aimed at beginners and those who have rusty skills and are interested in developing more skills. The focus is reading, not language comprehension. There will be beginning and intermediate levels offered at the same time. Participants are requested to attend all class meetings. Registration is not required. The course is free of charge, and open to the entire community. It cannot be taken for college credit. There will be a small charge for the text used in each class. 

The sessions are weekly 75- minute classes, taught by native Hebrew speaker Shula Holtz, who has been teaching the class since its inception,and by Hannah Rubin-Schlansky, a St. Louis native and graduate of Hebrew Union College. Hannah moved to Charleston in the summer of 2014 with her husband, Rabbi Andrew Terkel, the new assistant rabbi at KKBE.