17 2013

Daniel Libenson: The Jewish Innovators Dilemma

9:00AM - 11:00AM  

Jewish Studies 96 Wentworth St.

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The next Jewish future is likely to come about through the process that Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen calls “disruptive innovation.” Game-changing innovations will come from outside of existing Jewish institutions and initially involve mostly Jews who are not currently participating in Jewish life. Daniel Libenson will describe disruptive innovation, how it works in the business world and beyond, and how it explains previous revolutions in Jewish history (including the creation of Rabbinic Judaism itself, as well as movements like Secular Zionism and Hasidism). Libenson further suggests that Jewish organizations can remake themselves through the power of disruptive innovation, learning from corporations such as Apple and Disney as successful business examples. Daniel Libenson is an award-winning Jewish innovator, entrepreneur, and educator with over a decade of professional leadership experience in innovation-focused Jewish organizations. Dan’s writing on innovation and the next Jewish future has been published by many newspapers and journals, including Ha’aretz, Zeek: A Journal of Jewish Thought and Culture, PresenTense Magazine, The New York Jewish Week, eJewishPhilanthropy. com, and HaYidion (the journal of nondenominational Jewish Day Schools).