Charleston Holocaust Speakers Bureau

Hear From Those Who Survived, Those Who Liberated, and Those Who Survived the Survivors

We are so lucky in Charleston to have a robust list of local Holocaust survivors and children of survivors to speak to our community and schools.

If your school, community organization, or religious organization wants to learn about the Holocaust from a local resident who lived through it, the Charleston Holocaust Speakers Bureau has many different types of speakers to fit the needs of your educational program. In addition to survivors, there are also descendants of Holocaust survivors who offer personal accounts of the continuing impact of the Holocaust and recount the stories of survivors that are no longer with us.

If your group or organization is interested in having a speaker, please complete the Speaker Request form below. Please note that our remaining survivor speakers are elderly and may need assistance when they arrive on your site. After confirming a speaker, please review the "Be Prepared to Host Your Speaker" document.

Holocaust Speakers Bureau Biographies

Learn more about local Holocaust speakers.

Types of speakers available:

  • Survivors: experiences which include concentration camps, escape to other countries, those who hid in the woods or passed as Aryans

  • Child Survivors: children hidden during the War or sent on Kindertransport (organized child rescue effort)

  • Descendants of Survivors: Discuss the continuing impact of the Holocaust and recount the stories of survivors that are no longer with us

"Pick a name of a child who did not survive the Holocaust and remember them so that they will not have died in vain." - Joe Engel, Survivor, Charleston, SC

2nd and 3rd Generation Children of Survivors Needed!


Our Holocaust Speakers Bureau seeks children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and concentration camp liberators (known as 2Gs and 3Gs) who would be willing to visit schools and organizations. Our aging speakers are finding it increasingly more difficult to travel and speak. We hope to expand our speaking network to include 2Gs and 3Gs.


Please contact Samantha Krantz at 843-898-8745 or for more information.