Israel & Overseas

We support and strengthen Jewish life around the world. The global reach of Charleston Jewish Federation and the Jewish Federations network is unparalleled. Together, we’ve built and sustained programs in more than 70 countries, ensuring that Jewish communities everywhere are vibrant and resilient.


We create strong connections with Israel, our Jewish homeland, educate about our shared economic and cultural ties, support programs in struggling communities worldwide, respond to crises, and empower people to advocate for Israel.


Partnership 2Gether: Shortening the Distance Between Us 


Partnership 2Gether (P2G) creates relationships between the people of the Hadera-Eiron region in Israel and 10 southeastern US communities, including Charleston. Learn about the Hadera-Eiron Southeastern Consortium.



The Israel Education Fellowship (IEF) program offers families a way to save up to $5,600 for their teen’s trip to Israel by putting away $200 per year for 7 years. This funding is matched by the congregations and double-matched by the Charleston Jewish Federation. Contact for more information.